Earpiece No.1 come with 4 colors, super lightweight, handcrafted with resin and acrylic.

Tusen takk alle samme, for purchasing God Jul cards from julemarken i Bergen. Here you can follow the step-by-step instruction to make your own Jule Geometric Boobs. 

PS. you might need to prepare the ribbons as you wish, I got mine from Ikea. Enjoy og god jul!

Fra Vanessa Gong

(Source: vanessagong.com)

The Geometric Boobs Xmas cards are ready to go! The idea is to DIY your own ‘boob’. More to come : )

I have made some earpieces, an extended collection of Geometric Boobs series, stay tuned…

This weekend, I exhibited 2 new installation pieces together with selected sculpture paintings of ‘the geometric boobs’, at BLOKK relay - a group show with the other two fellow artists, Helene Norseth and Live Haug Hilton.

I am very pleased with this ‘flashie' outcome, had much fun with floating pyramid and LED. Thanks to the folks : )

The perfect duo!

The complete look of both scrawcrows. He is 190cm with 208 tits, she is 175cm with 52 organs (geometric) and 15 pairs stamped on its tongue.

The scarecrow(s) is(are) out now! It’s made for RAFF (Bergen Design Week) window installation. 

Hand made by myself with paper, and 250+ Geometric Boobs cufflink pins. More to come : )

I made a quick clock out of a IKEA timer ; )

Another piece from ‘the Geometric Boobs’ Series
Title ‘No Flag Identify My Color

Handmade pyramids paint with acrylic, wood canvas and matte vanish, 2012 | 4 pieces

Currently exhibiting in Scandic Neptun Gallery, Bergen Norway

Title ‘Un-tited’
4 Pieces as one, currently exhibiting in Scandic Neptun

I made 2 cloud-like units to display the pins in the gallery. For folks who cannot make to the exhibition  the title for the white unit is ‘for the calm ones’, black unit is called ‘for the grumpy ones’. 

Drying from varnishing… The collection is for my solo exhibition at Scandic Neptun Bergen ( April to Mid of July ), it includes 16 pairs of new Geometric Boobs pins with refined mold and new design. Apart from the exhibiting set, there is another set goes to an Berlin showroom on May, the 3rd set will be available on my website for collectors.

Flashback, it was always something missing and something sparkling.

4 Boobs on one chest!